You’ve gone down the Notion rabbit-hole but quickly got overwhelmed. You binge-watched how-to videos on YouTube for hours instead of writing those blog posts you had planned.

You see the potential of this powerful, all-in-one productivity tool, but don’t know how to fully harness it.

Maybe you tried loading some of the pre-made templates into your account, and got frustrated because they’re not useful enough on their own. They’re not part of a bigger more integrated system.

Since 2018 I’ve been consulting with individuals and business owners, helping them use Notion to create their life and business operating systems and workflows.

I’ve seen the most common challenges, hiccups, and missing pieces that most entrepreneurs and teams struggle with when trying to streamline their operations.

I’ve condensed my best practices and workflows into a robust online course and community to support you through the process of going from scattered to streamlined with Notion.

Let me show you what is possible with this incredible tool!

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