Autodesk Revit From Beginner to Professional using revit 2019 and 2020 Part 1

1. Basic knowledge.

Basic concepts used in the software interface.

  • Creation of projects and templates.
  • Design concepts.
  • Drawing tools.
  • Modification tools.
  • Selection and copying tools.

Edition of family systems.

  • Basic project using walls, floors, stairs, ceilings, among others.
  • Modification of properties and types.
  • Assignment of materials.

Family Introduction.

  • Creation of families.
  • Creation of parameters.
  • Use of families.

Environments in Revit.

  • Creation and delimitation of topography.
  • Use of topography.
  • Place components designed for the project environments.

Autodesk Revit From Beginner to Professional using revit 2019 and 2020 Part 2

Presentation in Revit

  • Renders.
  • Solar Studies.
  • Video walkthrough.

The creation and use of Sheets.

  • Creation of sheets in Revit.
  • Use of the sheets and how to insert views on the sheets.

2. Intermediate Knowledge.

Basic structure through previously designed families and systems.

  • Structural elements.
  • Incorporate structure in the design.

Details and specialties.

  • Architecture details.
  • Structural details.
  • System details.
  • Coordination of specialties.

Advanced Display.

  • Modification of visual elements such as lines, hatches and filled region.
  • Graphic Display Options.

Use different types of files.

  • How to export a project or family to another native Autodesk software.
  • Import files from other software during a project.
  • Export a project to IFC.

Advance families.

  • Use of Advanced parametric.
  • Formulas.

3. Advanced Knowledge.

Conceptual Mass.

  • Creation of masses.
  • Modification of masses.
  • Mass family.
  • Use of family systems for the masses.

Dynamo for Revit.

  • Dynamo basics.
  • Using dynamo and families.

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