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Looking for simPRO training for yourself and your team? Book a session now.

simPRO is a cloud-based field service and mobile workforce management software, used to streamline job management, job costing, project management & asset management and this simPRO training will take you from the basics through to more advanced features.

Whether you’re setting up your field services software for the first time, want to onboard your admin & techs or want to use more of the features within simPRO, getting an expert to lead you through & answer your questions is a worthy investment.


Need a simPRO trainer?

If you’ve got a tight budget and needed training yesterday, definitely jump on the simPRO YouTube channel or visit their support knowledge base to get quick, basic training. If you’re looking for more comprehensive training, the main benefits you’ll get from one-on-one training are:

  • Structured training that is in context with your skill level
  • Admin training Need help setting up simPRO? Book a simPRO trainer to make sure you’ve got all the company info, fields, permissions and templates set up properly
  • Question time! You’ve done the training and are wondering how it would best apply to your team? Getting to ask specific questions and get instant answers is gold
  • Team engagement as you’re all learning at the same time and you know what everyone knows about the software
  • Better user adoption. You’ll have resistance to the training because people hate change but having an engaged trainer to answer objections leads to better user adoption
  • Customised training. You’re running a unique business in a specific industry. Get training with your terminology to faster track the learning journey
  • Suits your workflow. You run your business in a specific way and the software you use needs to work in a specific way. Get workflow automation training as a bonus!

simPRO Training Sessions

Training sessions are structured to best suit your skill level, industry, class size and learning outcome requirements.

You’ll get a booking link so you can attend the video session and the session will follow a format similar to:

  • Quick introductions
  • Putting your simPRO use in the context of your organisation
  • simPRO learning content i.e. basics, advanced features, specific workflows
  • simPRO questions from your team
  • Clarification of any follow-up research for your trainer
  • End of session (with the option to be sent additional simPRO information, notes and video afterwards)

simPRO Staff Training Videos

You’ve booked the session but we know that you might want extras. Request these extras with your training booking:

  • Customised videos for your knowledge base. Super useful for new hires and for people on your team to refresh their knowledge
  • New hire quick start videos. Get onboarding training that is specific to the needs of your business
  • Extra sessions. Is everyone busy? Split out the training into short, punchy mini-sessions to better suit training and information retention in your fast-paced workplace
  • Edited recording. Trainers are happy to record sessions but you might want an edited video for your team’s use. Request this when you make your booking


simPRO Courses

There currently aren’t any simPRO courses available but we do have one in our development queue. Use the form on this page to join the waitlist.


simPRO Integrations

simPRO has a range of integrations that connect to other apps that your business needs, like accounting, time tracking and cloud storage. Hire a simPRO integration expert or developer to connect simPRO to the software you’re currently using so you can streamline your business workflow and ensure your apps “talk to each other”.


simPRO Implementation

If you’re busy and want to make sure you set up simPRO properly, you should have your simPRO implementation handled by a simPRO consultant. By hiring a simPRO expert to set up your company info, fields, permissions and templates, you’ll know that everything is built to scale as your business grows. 



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