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Looking for a ClickUp trainer for yourself or your business? Book a private session or get corporate ClickUp training now.

ClickUp Trainer

You’ve been looking for a single app to replace your to-do lists, project management boards, spreadsheets, emails and time tracking apps and have fallen in love with ClickUp. You can see the power in having everything in one place but want to get ClickUp training so you can use the full potential of the software.

Let’s go through the basics.

Getting started with ClickUp

You’ve dived in and signed up to ClickUp, what next? The video below will give you a good idea on how to set up ClickUp as your CRM (although you can use ClickUp for much more).


Help with setting up ClickUp

Whether you’re a solo ClickUp user or the ClickUp Admin for your whole company, you’ll need to know how to get ClickUp set up properly.
Key steps for starting with ClickUp are:

  1. Signing up to a free or paid plan
  2. Understanding the structure of ClickUp
  3. Creating your first task in ClickUp
  4. Organising your ClickUp tasks
  5. Saving layouts in ClickUp
  6. Using ClickUp templates

ClickUp FAQs

Top ClickUp questions:

ClickUp training courses

Before we dive into personal ClickUp training options, we know that not everyone has time for one-on-one training sessions. If you’re the self-paced course type, check out these top ClickUp courses:

Why book a ClickUp training session?

If you’ve got a tight budget and needed training yesterday, definitely jump on the ClickUp YouTube channel or visit their support knowledge base to get quick, basic training. If you’re looking for more comprehensive training, the main benefits you’ll get from one-on-one training are:

  • Structured training that is in-context with your skill level
  • Question time! You’ve done the training and are wondering how it would best apply to your team? Getting to ask specific questions and get instant answers is gold
  • Team engagement as you’re all learning at the same time and you know what everyone knows about the software
  • Better user adoption. You’ll have resistance to the training because people hate change but having an engaged trainer to answer objections leads to better user adoption
  • Customised training. You’re running a unique business in a specific industry. Get training with your terminology to faster track the learning journey
  • Suits your workflow. You run your business in a specific way and the software you use needs to work in a specific way. Get workflow automation training as a bonus!

What happens in a ClickUp training session?

Training sessions are structured to best suit your skill level, industry, class size and learning outcome requirements.
You’ll get a booking link so you can attend the video session and the session will follow a format similar to:

  • Quick introductions
  • Putting your ClickUp use in the context of your organisation
  • ClickUp learning content i.e. basics, advanced features, specific workflows
  • ClickUp questions from your team
  • Clarification of any follow-up research for your trainer
  • End of session (with option to be sent additional ClickUp information, notes and video afterwards)

Preparing yourself or your team for the session

Ready for your ClickUp video training session? Make sure you that these steps before the session starts:

  • Sign up to ClickUp and invite any other team members to ClickUp so they’re able to login
  • Ensure that you and your team members have access to a solid internet connection and a quiet space
  • Consider using two screens during training (one to show your trainer and one to show ClickUp) or have an extra tab open in your browser
  • Prepare any questions you have about ClickUp
  • Ask your team to watch one of the ClickUp basics videos above to get a feel for ClickUp and how it can be used

Extra ClickUp training resources you can get

You’ve booked the session but we know that you might want extras. Request these extras with your training booking:

  • Customised videos for your knowledge base. Super useful for new hires and for people to refresh their knowledge
  • New hire quick start videos. Get onboarding training that is specific to the needs of your business
  • Extra sessions. Everyone busy? Split out the training into short, punchy mini-sessions to better suit training and information retention to your fast-paced workplace
  • Edited recording. Trainers are happy to record sessions but you might want an edited video for your team’s use. Request this when you make your booking


About ClickUp

ClickUp software is a young (still in beta) and growing sales force automation tool. ClickUp’s recent $10M funding round brought on board some big names: Thomvest Ventures led by the founder of StubHub, Kevin Conroy from LinkedIn and LinkedIn itself (in an earlier seed round), Pillar, First Round Capital. ClickUp is also partnered with Microsoft to help build out their Azure platform through ClickUp’s development efforts.

Clickup software was founded in 2013 to compete against Salesforce as a low-cost CRM for small businesses. Click Up is quickly gaining fans with its current customer base of over 3,000 users managing over 100,000 contacts across Click Up’s SaaS service. ClickUp CRM has been used by over half of Fortune 500 companies and offers an easy to use interface. Clickup offers a free basic account and has several paid plans. ClickUp continues to expand its business by aiming to become the leading sales force automation solution for SMB while challenging Salesforce at mid-market and enterprise level.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Click Up was founded by CEO Shriro, Tim Fleming who had previously co-founded another business called CinchSolutions that developed Accounting software for small businesses priced between $19 – $99 per month. Click Up is the culmination of ClickSolutions’ customer success engine, with ClickUp’s current customers generating more revenue and spending less money on Clickup. ClickUp has already had a tremendous amount of success at an early stage. ClickUp VP of Marketing Akshay Kothari said in reference to their free trial program “The last two benchmarking studies we did showed that our trial conversion rate was 35%.”

What Type of Businesses Use ClickUp?

Click Up offers software as a service (SAAS) for sales force automation and marketing to small businesses which include startups, consulting firms, small design agencies, real estate offices etc. Click up also boasts an impressive list of Clickup customers including prominent companies like Uber, New York Times, Bloomberg, 500 Startups and Kennesaw State University.

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