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Looking for an Asana trainer for yourself or your business? Book a private session or get corporate Asana training now.

Asana Trainers

Would you prefer to get personalized Asana training via a video call at a time that suits you? By booking in an Asana training session with an Asana expert, you’ll get training that is suited to your business use case and to your training timeframe.

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Benefits of an Asana training session

If you’ve got a tight budget and needed training yesterday, definitely jump on the Asana YouTube channel or visit their support knowledge base to get quick, basic training. If you’re looking for more comprehensive training, the main benefits you’ll get from one-on-one training are:

  • Structured training that is in-context with your skill level
  • Question time! You’ve done the training and are wondering how it would best apply to your team? Getting to ask specific questions and get instant answers is gold
  • Team engagement as you’re all learning at the same time and you know what everyone knows about the software
  • Better user adoption. You’ll have resistance to the training because people hate change but having an engaged trainer to answer objections leads to better user adoption
  • Customised training. You’re running a unique business in a specific industry. Get training with your terminology to faster track the learning journey
  • Suits your workflow. You run your business in a specific way and the software you use needs to work in a specific way. Get workflow automation training as a bonus!

What happens in an Asana training session?

Training sessions are structured to best suit your skill level, industry, class size and learning outcome requirements.
You’ll get a booking link so you can attend the video session and the session will follow a format similar to:

  • Quick introductions
  • Putting your Asana use in the context of your organisation
  • Asana learning content i.e. basics, advanced features, specific workflows
  • Asana questions from your team
  • Clarification of any follow-up research for your trainer
  • End of session (with option to be sent additional Asana information, notes and video afterwards)

Preparing yourself or your team for the session

Ready for your Asana video training session? Make sure you that these steps before the session starts:

  • Sign up to Asana and invite any other team members to Asana so they’re able to login
  • Ensure that you and your team members have access to a solid internet connection and a quiet space
  • Consider using two screens during training (one to show your trainer and one to show Asana) or have an extra tab open in your browser
  • Prepare any questions you have about Asana
  • Ask your team to watch one of the Asana basics videos above to get a feel for Asana and how it can be used

Extra Asana training resources you can get

You’ve booked the session but we know that you might want extras. Request these extras with your training booking:

  • Customised videos for your knowledge base. Super useful for new hires and for people to refresh their knowledge
  • New hire quick start videos. Get onboarding training that is specific to the needs of your business
  • Extra sessions. Everyone busy? Split out the training into short, punchy mini-sessions to better suit training and information retention to your fast-paced workplace
  • Edited recording. Trainers are happy to record sessions but you might want an edited video for your team’s use. Request this when you make your booking


Asana Training Directory

We’ve highlighted some of the Asana experts online who currently offer Asana training. Complete the form above to be matched to the trainer who best suits your business needs.

Mella Stegs – Asana Training Sweden

I help teams that work on different types of projects and processes that are adapted to the client’s needs. My role is to guide them to work efficiently in Asana. My speciality is setting up workflows and structures in Asana that involves internal and external teams including customers and gig consultants.

I use Asana for everything. Partly for my own company structures, meetings, projects, planning and work request but also for other companies.
I have implemented Asana on large companies as well as on smaller projects where the scope of Asana is adapted to the customer’s needs. Sometimes it is a simple structure and sometimes more complex flows and integrations are needed, for example Adobe, Getharvest or Salesforce.
Sometimes external parties and remote teams are also involved in different types of collaborative projects and there I educate all participants and monitor to ensure that the processes really work.
In each project, I start by making a discovery to create a picture of what would work best for the client. I then help to set up the flow and educate in Asana by also anchoring the purpose of the project or process. For me, it is important that the customer does not receive more or less help than they need.
I have worked with project management for 16 years in several different industries so I have experience of the broad picture in projects and what complexities can be found, but also how projects can grow out of scope and become cluttered and unclear.

Paula Holsberry – Asana Training USA

Paula is the Founder and CEO of Tessera Virtual Business Solutions. She is dedicated to helping businesses boost profit by reducing inefficiency in their systems and processes.

Paula offers customized Asana Consulting and Training as well as Process Improvement Consulting. Paula thrives on producing effective and efficient results for her clients’ most pressing concerns. Her attention to detail has proven to be an essential piece of her success when working with small and medium-sized teams.

Paula has seen results after working with individual business owners and operational teams to educate them on their best use of the Asana platform. She starts with where you are and listens to your needs before making recommendations. She offers all levels of service from a single consultation to a multi-week rollout of Asana to your entire organization. A teacher at heart, Paula makes practical suggestions that can be implemented immediately.

Paul Grobler – Asana Training South Africa

With more than ten years of experience managing a variety of projects and teams, I now train individuals and teams on how to be more productive and get more out of online productivity tools. I am a Professional Scrum Master and Asana Certified Pro and can help you use these tools more effectively. I have more than 6 years of experience in working with Asana as a project management tool in different contexts, working with a range of different people and across various organizations. I am also qualified as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1) can work with both waterfall Agile Project Management frameworks.

My educational background includes up to a Master’s degree level social and religious studies which I completed with distinction (A grade). Skills gained from these degrees include extensive leadership training, counseling, and coaching. These skills have been especially helpful in learning to facilitate groups with many different personalities to achieve set-out objectives.

I’m highly proficient in creating and delivering training and presentations in front of large and small groups of people.

Alon Binman – Asana Training Israel

I get things done.
I like helping other people and companies achieve better flows and work flows to achieve maximum efficiency. With 12 years of project/product management I like to look at each project or flow like a product that should be defined implemented then refined.
Create a true flow to achieve the KPIs and goals for each project.

Sarah Ohanesian – Asana Training USA

I’m a Chief Marketing Officer turned Productivity Coach. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed so I built the systems, tools, and templates I needed to manage life as a busy CMO. Now, I share everything I’ve learned and created.

I coach busy professionals and teams on how to be more productive, have more confidence, have less guilt, and ultimately get back control of their time. My system includes working with the people, the processes, and the priorities. I’m on a mission to help busy professionals fight burnout by helping them get more done so they can love the work they do and still have time for the people they love!

We start with a discovery session with the key team members to align processes, pain points, and goals. Then, I’ll design a productivity process, structure, and strategy for your team. Projects, sections, and task templates are created within Asana. We’ll meet (in-person or virtually) to onboard and train your team so everyone can hit the ground running. Finally, we’ll do a post-mortem one month after implementation to determine what’s working and make any tweaks if needed. I’m also available to work with anyone who needs additional support.

Todd Cavanaugh – Asana Training USA

Hi! My name is Todd and I’m the founder of Project Management Pros (formerly Asana Training). I’ve been training companies in Asana since 2013. Since that time, I’ve worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 (like major car manufacturers or NFL teams) to 5-person startups.

I’ve taught Asana to businesses literally around the world, but more commonly I continue to fly all over the US doing training seminars on project management with Asana. Todd is an MBA graduate from the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology. As executive director, Todd led a nonprofit for five years into unprecedented levels of growth. He then spearheaded the branding efforts for an award-winning wearable technology product for athletes.
Todd later relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where he served as a consultant with Verity Consulting, a firm specializing in enterprise technology companies. He led brand marketing and advertising efforts while company revenues grew 81% to $8.7 million.
Todd founded Project Management Pros (formerly Asana Training) in 2013 to help companies deploy and optimize Asana. Since that time, he’s worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to 5-person startups across a myriad of industries. Previous clients include an NFL team, a TV news station, prestigious universities, medical practices, a New York Times best-selling author, and marketing agencies among others.

Daniel Romero – Asana Training Mexico

I help companies to educate their team work in Asana and how to connect it with other collaboration apps. I can help you find new market opportunities in LATAM. After spending 10 years in the software and IT markets, I decided to focus my business model on promotional strategies for software and applications. Our service portfolio focuses on application onboarding, how-to videos and voice over.

How we work? We use a People Design methodology derived from Design Thinking to create a map of user empathy and pain points. This means that we first analyze the reasons that keep them from using the application and later we create a practical case where everyone can naturally integrate into the new environment.

Marjy Guery – Asana Training USA

I offer project & tech setup/support for online service providers who want to skip the trial and error and get set up the right way. If you’re struggling to manage clients and projects or staying organized, let’s work together to get you back on track. You bring your ideas and goals & I’ll bring my CX and tech skills to help you streamline your client experience and set up your account the right way.

Accepting clients for Asana training (solo and team) and Asana VIP Day (account set up in a day).

Kristine Joy Gleyo – Asana Training Philippines

Hello. Call me KJ Gleyo, your Virtual Skills Training Development Expert, and I help other people improve their businesses and online work through educating them about social tools and online platforms they can use to make things more effective & convenient.
Aside from that, I also collaborate with other businesses and manage micro teams of virtual service providers that help people create content, manage pages and platforms, and improve their sales online.
I also am a website developer, content creator, and a rising influencer at the side.

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