SAP ERP Essential Training

The SAP ERP, or enterprise resource planning, platform helps large businesses streamline their processes and support each segment of their business, from sales to financial accounting. In this course, instructor Justin Valley helps you get started with SAP ERP, going over key concepts and tips that can help you use this enterprise software most effectively. Justin goes over the difference between technical modules and functional modules in SAP and explores key SAP modules, including SAP project systems (PS) and SAP human capital management (HCM). He also goes over how to navigate inside SAP as an end user, use various search methods to find data, run and export reports from SAP, and more.

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What you’ll learn

  • Benefits and limitations of SAP ERP
  • Exploring the different SAP modules
  • SAP security roles
  • Menu tree and transaction code navigation
  • Searching for data and using wildcards
  • SAP basic reporting
  • Editing SAP report layouts
  • Printing and exporting reports


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Project Management

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