OneNote Essential Training (Office 365)

Learn how to use the Office 365 version of OneNote 2016 to create, edit, and save notes and keep your information organized. Discover easy ways to create notes, add and format text, stay organized with tables, and share and password-protect your notebooks. Plus, learn how to integrate all sorts of content into notes, such as screen clippings, images, audio and video, and even Excel worksheets.

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What you’ll learn

  • Sending content and screen clippings to OneNote
  • Copying and pasting content
  • Recording audio and video notes
  • Attaching files
  • Formatting text
  • Linking and tagging notes
  • Searching a notebook
  • Using templates
  • Creating tables
  • Converting handwriting to type
  • Interacting with Outlook
  • Sharing and syncing notebooks
  • Collaborating on notebooks


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