Notion: Complete Course – Beginners to Advanced

Would you like to be more productive, organised and focused? Notion could help you!

This complete course will cover everything you need to know about Notion so you can start organising your work to boost your productivity.

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— All-in-one Workspace —

Notion is an amazing application, that improves your personal productivity. It is described as an all-in-one workspace bringing together an alternative to Evernote, Google Docs, Asana, Trello and Airtable.

— Manage and Track Your Own Tasks or Use it With Your Team to Improve Collaboration —

With Notion you can build checklists, embed files, gather articles in clean databases, build your projects, assign tasks to different users, assign due datesinteract with other members and do all that while your team members are not even in the same continent!

— Stay Focused —

Notion interface is lightfast, and distraction-free to leave you alone with your work and boost your productivity as soon as you start typing.

— Available Everywhere at Any Time —

Whether you use a web browserWindows or Mac, an iOS or Android device, Notion is available on your platform. Indeed, Notion is a cross-platform tool that allows you to sync all your data across all your devices in real-time. In addition, it runs offline with Windows, Mac and mobile apps.



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