Learning Asana

Asana is a lightweight project management and team productivity tool used by top organizations including GE, Airbnb, and NASA. In this short course, David Rivers shows how to use Asana to manage projects more efficiently and collaborate with your team. David begins with a tour of the Asana interface, highlighting the program’s most helpful features. Next, he shows how to set up teams and create projects. Finally, he shows how to add individual tasks and track ongoing projects.

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What you’ll learn

  • Cite the Asana hierarchy.
  • Explain how to approve team join requests.
  • Describe how to build a project task list.
  • Recall how to modify a project task list.
  • Describe how to access a project on a mobile device.
  • Cite the methods for tagging and following tasks.
  • Explain how to create and update a dashboard.
  • Recognize the benefits of working in calendar view.
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