for Customer Service Management is a leading support desk tool offered by Salesforce. This powerful tool automatically integrates with Salesforce, and offers functionality that can make it easier to stay organized—and, in turn, better assist your customers. is the preferred solution for small businesses seeking Salesforce software capabilities. In this course, join Christine Pereira as she explores how to use to manage customer service workflows. Christine helps you get started by explaining how to navigate She also reviews the metrics and data that are available in this tool. In addition, she demonstrates how to set up your help desk, use labels to sort cases, leverage automation for greater efficiency, and customize the look and feel of to match your brand. To wrap up, she discusses how to measure your success with data and business insights, and shares best practices for customer support.

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What you’ll learn

  • Explain the process of setting up users.
  • Describe the process for adding social channels.
  • Summarize how custom fields enable you to capture more information and how to use them.
  • Cite the benefits of using labels on cases and explain how to create them.
  • Define notifications and describe how to automate them.
  • Review the process for creating articles.


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