Are you a software trainer looking to offer your one-on-one training on Software Trainers?

We make it super simple to add your training:

  1. [Optional] Sign up to Clarity and add software training as your area of expertise
  2. Come back to our site and click on the Add Training button/link
  3. Add the name of your training, the software category, your Clarity URL (if should look like this), your name and your email. You can also add your own booking link or a link to your website.
  4. If everything looks good, we’ll add your training to our site
  5. People will be able to book your training directly with you through our site


  • Are there costs for listing? We don’t charge any fees for listing or a percentage of training fees but we do accept gifts/tips/donations via this link to keep the site going.
  • Why Clarity? To provide a simple way to collect payment for a charge-per-minute call, we recommend using Clarity. We also recommend booking software with payment upfront but we do find that many training sessions run overtime and this can be hard to bill.
  • How do you know that I’m a good trainer? We rely on Clarity and their review system to make finding the best trainer easy.
  • Can I choose the time of my phone calls? Yes, your client will select three times that suit them and you can choose the best one, or an alternative, that suits you.
  • Do I need screen-sharing for training? Yes, we recommend that you use your phone for audio (as it’s linked to the billing) and use a service like Zoom, Skype or Appear In for the video component.
  • How do I remove my listings? Contact us and we’ll remove them as quickly as possible.